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Kingsleigh Equine

Trough & Bucket Cleaner

Trough & Bucket Cleaner

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Activated Oxygen Cleaner That Removes Odour-causing Residue, Grime & Grease

Environmentally Safe | Biodegradable | No VOC’s

An all-natural based activated oxygen cleaner, degreaser and sanitizer. Formulated specifically as an environmentally safe, non-hazardous product. Trough & Bucket Cleaner contains Hydrogen Peroxide and natural degreasing agents. It is highly effective as a spot & stain remover, removes urine stains, protein stains, organic stains, removes grease, mildew, mold and light corrosion. Destroys odor-causing bacteria, unpleasant odours and provides colour-safe bleaching.

 Product Features

  • Removes mold and built-up stains
  • Cleans plastic, wood and metal
  • Completely color safe bleaching on any surface
  • Contains Hydrogen Peroxide which oxidizes organic soils and stains


  • Troughs & Buckets

Directions for Use:

4L - FOR GENERAL CLEANING: Mix 125ml per 8L bucket of water. Pour into Bucket or Trough and use sponge to ensure all areas are covered. Allow product to react for 10 – 20 minutes. Then use brush or sponge to clean and rinse with water.

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